Case Study:

Industrial Estate Commercial Eviction

London Industrial Estate Eviction: Rapid Response by BML Mobile Response Unit

Time of Attendance – Saturday 12:30pm

Members in Attendance – Mobile Response Unit, BML Eviction Team

Series of Events – The client’s industrial estate was equipped with PIR sensors to detect movement, alerting BML when intruders were detected. Upon receiving notification of intruder detection, the BML Mobile Response Unit was dispatched to the site.

Upon arrival, the Mobile Response Unit confirmed the presence of intruders. Investigation revealed that the rear windows had been broken, serving as the point of entry for the squatters.

The BML Eviction Team swiftly intervened, ordering the squatters to vacate the premises immediately and take their belongings with them. With the squatters removed, the Mobile Response Team proceeded to secure the point of entry by arranging for the windows to be boarded up and made safe.

Once the site was reclaimed and secured, it was handed back to the client, ensuring their property was protected from further intrusion.

Conclusion – Through proactive monitoring and rapid response, BML Mobile Response Unit effectively resolved the intrusion at the London industrial estate. Their swift action in conjunction with the BML Eviction Team ensured the prompt removal of squatters and the security of the client’s property.

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