Commercial Evictions

Regain control of your property with swift and reliable same-day evictions.

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BML is the trusted name in commercial evictions across the UK. We are here to provide you with efficient, effective, and safe solutions. Whether you’re dealing with lease violations, squatters or travellers, our teams are ready to ensure your eviction’s success.

Emergencies don’t wait, and neither do we. Our dedicated teams are ready to assist you.

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Rapid & Reliable Eviction Services

Your Property, Reclaimed Swiftly and Securely

Case Studies

Cineworld Commercial Eviction Case Study
Site reclaimed within a few hours. Close communication with local police. Prevention put into place. Client satisfaction achieved.
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Tesla Showroom Commercial Eviction Case Study
Rapid attendance. Entry gained. Site secured. Preventative measures applied. Client satisfaction achieved.
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Industrial Estate Commercial Eviction Case Study
Mobile response unit activated. Eviction completed successfully. Boarding up carried out. Client satisfaction achieved.
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Ground enforcement team

Rely on our elite agents, meticulously trained to secure your property. Our enforcement professionals are licenced by the Security Industry Authority to meet strict industry standards. Robust credentials for your peace of mind and swift resolution to any challenge.

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Climbing team

Our Climbing Team are certified by IRATA and trained to navigate and secure high-risk areas. They are adept in managing elevated risks, employing precision and skill to safeguard your assets from unauthorised high-altitude breaches.

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Evidence-gathering team

Trust in our Evidence-Gathering Team to meticulously document on-site activities, leveraging state-of-the-art surveillance for indisputable legal support. We ensure you have airtight evidence for enforcement and legal proceedings.

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Tunneling team

Our specialist tunnelling teams skilfully navigate challenging environments. Their expertise in confined operations encompasses advanced air quality management and protester extraction techniques. They are ready for your eviction needs.

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Locked-on removal team

Our Locked-on Removal Team is adept at resolving complex protestor situations. They specialise in disengaging protestors and equipment safely and swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to you.

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Due diligence and legal

Complete risk management to ensure precision and safety
Fully insured for all potential injury risks
Proudly maintaining a 100% safety record
Teams undergo regular, specialised training

Streamlined solutions for every need

Got a problem in a class of its own? We have the expertise to address it.

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