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Portable and effective solution for water damage.

£22.00 + VAT per unit per day

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Hire: £22.00 + VAT per unit per day

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*subject to minimum 14 day hire

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Healthier air quality
Reduced odours
Prevents condensation
Protection against moisture damage
Complies with regulations in humidity-controlled environments

Our Clients

Case Studies

BML Dehumidifier Hire Rescues Bournemouth Apartment Building
Swift action and strategic solutions in mitigating water damage and restoring habitable spaces. BML’s dehumidifier hire service proved instrumental in expediting the drying process and facilitating the restoration efforts, ensuring client satisfaction.
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BML Dehumidifier Hire Saves Mayfair Apartment Building
BML’s dehumidifier hire service saved this prestigious Mayfair apartment building from major complications such as moisture risks and facilitated a faster restoration process, ultimately saving the client thousands of pounds in unnecessary expenses.
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BML Dehumidifier Hire Rescues Residential High-Rise Flats
The challenges at this residential high-rise building were rescued by BML Dehumidifier Hire by way of proactive moisture mitigation resulting in transforming the situation. BML’s commitment to delivering effective solutions to its clients is second to none.
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