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Property expertise and proprietary technologies to save you time and effort

At the core of our enhanced compliance services lies a commitment to efficiency. We’ve redefined the traditional methods by integrating our deep industry knowledge with proprietary technology. This powerful combination streamlines your operations and significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage your properties effectively. Our innovative approach ensures that every aspect of property management is optimised for speed, accuracy, and ease.

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Fire Safety Compliance
Building Inspections
EPC Certificates
EICR Certificates
Gas Safety Certificates
PAT Testing
Boiler Servicing
Gutter Cleaning
Contract Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Drainage Maintenance
Grounds Maintenance
Automation Servicing
Security System Maintenance
HVAC Servicing
And much more
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DortiX - swift, seamless inspections

Our proprietary platform is also available to you. Designed as a paperless, highly accurate system, DortiX drastically reduces the time spent on property inspections, revolutionising property management. It’s a game-changer catering to the needs of property managers and landlords who value precision and speed in their operations.

5-10 minute response time

Immediate solutions to pressing problems: our dedicated response teams swiftly manages calls and emails within minutes.

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Full range of services

We’ve never had a request we couldn’t fulfill: our skilled teams manage a vast spectrum of projects and deal with each of them efficiently, individually and professionally.

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Got a problem in a class of its own? We have the expertise to address it.
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