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Commercial and Residential Security to keep your property safe.

With BML, you can choose from a comprehensive range of commercial property and residential site security services, safe in the knowledge that you have a highly skilled, fully trained team to cover all angles.

We provide property security services throughout the UK, and our aim is to deliver a highly responsive, first class, professional service, underlined by a dedicated approach to managing your site protection.

Fire Wardens

Your business relies on your staff, your premises and your goods and assets, and fire damage can result in the temporary breakdown of operations or in worse case scenarios, complete loss of stock which results in business closure. Fire protection measures for your property are therefore essential.

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Close Protection

BML Group’s security services extend beyond the realms of property and site protection. We can also work for you in the field of personal security and close protection with the deployment of personal bodyguards.

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K9 Guarding

K9 dog security is another area of specialist expertise you might wish to consider to protect your premises and keep your site secure. Highly trained guard dogs and expert handlers are an extremely effective deterrent against crime, trespass, theft or damage.

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Site Security

BML Group property services can also help you regain control of your premises if you fall victim to squatters or travellers who have broken in or taken vacant possession of your property without permission. Other reasons include non-payment of rent by existing tenants.

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CCTV Systems

One of the most cost efficient property security tools available is CCTV and electronic surveillance, especially if you require 24/7 coverage of a large or remote site. It gives you early detection capabilities and rapid response mechanisms to incidents like fire, vandalism or disturbance.

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Security Equipment

BML Group is at the forefront of the property security industry in terms of the installation of gates, barriers, fencing and lighting – in short, everything you need to protect your premises from trespass, with effective mechanisms to facilitate visitor and staff access and relevant traffic management protocols.

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Manned guarding and static security guards

With BML Group’s SIA licensed security guards positioned on your site, you benefit from a skilled team to monitor and protect your premises from damage or theft, as well as providing early warning mechanisms for serious incidents like flooding or fire.

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Industrial security

If you need property protection for an industrial site, remote business unit or a factory operation, especially one which involves confidential manufacturing processes and intellectual property security, our team has a wealth of experience.

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Retail security

If you run a retail business, whether a single stand-alone store or within a shopping complex, the risk of theft is an ever present threat. The retail industry as a whole is subject to stock damage, shoplifting and anti-social behaviour.

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Concierge & reception cover

There are many different commercial and residential properties and businesses which require full service, key holding, out of hours concierge, reception cover or night watch security.

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Construction security

As a Safe Contractor approved organisation, BML Group specialises in construction site security to minimise risk of theft and vandalism.

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Mobile patrols

The deployment of mobile security staff undertaking regular site patrols across the entire area of your operations can be a highly effective deterrent against trespass, theft and vandalism.

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